We all understand eating clean is a challenge, especially for those of us who have a sweet tooth!

Listed below are some of my favorite clean cheats!

Pineapples & Gelato

sauté pineapples with coconut oil, cinnamon and brown sugar for 5 minutes
add scoop of Talenti gelato

Talenti Pinapple

Fresh Fruit & Gelato

pick your favorites and add them into a bowl with gelato, sorbet, ice cream, etc.

Talenti Berries          Talenti raspberry apricot          Talenti Strawberries Raspberries Rhubarb

Banana Bites

sliced bananas with Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter dipped in organic dark/milk/white chocolate
refrigerate to set

Banana Bites

Chocolate Nice Cream

1 frozen banana
1 cup Silk dark chocolate almond milk
combine in blender or food processor until smooth

Chocolate Nice Cream

Raspberry & Nutella FlatOut

1 wheat Flatout flatbread
1 tablespoon Nutella
fresh raspberries
1 cup organic dark chocolate chips

heat oven to 350° F
line a baking sheet with parchment paper
add flatbread to oven
heat for 5 minutes

Flatout Raspberries Cacao

Mini Pumpkin Pies

1 cup pumpkin puree (homemade or canned)
Pillsbury crescent rolls

mini Pumpkin Pies

Pineapple Nice Cream

1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup fresh pineapple
combine in food processor or blender until smooth

Pineapple Nicecream

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pineapple Rings

core pineapple
let 1 tablespoon coconut oil melt in skillet
add 1 tablespoon brown sugar and let melt
add cinnamon
add pineapple rings
let sit for 5-10 minutes on medium/low heat

Pineapple Rings

Banana Pineapple Nice Cream

1 frozen banana
1/3 fresh pineapple
combine in a food processor or blender until smooth

Banana Pineapple Nice Cream


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