Parfait of the Day

Since I am such a big fan of breakfast, I always have yogurt, granola, fruit and nuts on hand. One of my favorite things to create are these simple but healthy breakfast  treats. Normally, I use Stonyfield or Fage yogurts, cinnamon and raw honey.

Coconut Flakes / Raspberries / Pumpkin Seeds / Sunflower Seeds


Raspberries / Pineapple


Raspberries / Cinnamon / Apple


Dried Cranberries / Pineapple / Pomegranate Seeds


Bosc Pear / Dried Cranberries


Dried Cranberries / Raw Honey

granola berries honey

Shredded Coconut / Bosc Pear / Raspberries


Grapes / Raspberries / Shredded Coconut

Parfairt grapes coconut raspberiies

Cinnamon Maple Pumpkin Seeds / Golden Raisins / Persimmon / Dried Cranberries

parfait apricot pumpkin seedsn raisins rasp

Peaches / Granola / Raw Honey

parfait peaches granola


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