For Our Furry Friends

My coconut oil obsession does not stop at baking and moisturizing, oh no, I love using coconut oil on my cats! It is the best and most natural way to keep them hairball free, their coats shiny and help improve their digestion.
Unlike the hairball remedies you can buy, coconut oil is all natural!


For other great ideas on how coconut oil can help benefit your kitty, VetInfo has compiled an awesome article that digs deeper!
From digestion benefits, topical benefits and overall health, there are so many reasons why you should add coconut oil to your furry friends’ diet today!


Coconut oil is not only beneficial for cats but for dogs as well!

Coconut oil helps maintain a healthy and shiny coats while also preventing bacterial and viral infections in both dogs and cats!

For more benefits and information on how fantastic coconut oil is for Fido, check out the amazing article on the Dogington Post!


Since the start of the new year, I have been including a small amount of warm water and coconut oil to my two cats’ dinners. I have found improved digestion, shinier, healthier coats, less dry skin and better kitty breath! Along with all of the physical benefits, coconut oil is great for their digestive system, claws and oral hygiene! They love their coconut oil too! My boy actually makes his way into the kitchen when he hears the coconut oil jar open!

Whether you make a change for you or your furry friend, coconut oil is as beneficial for you as it is for Fido and Fluffy!

This post is dedicated to my boy.
Rest in Peace to my handsome who was taken from us too soon.



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