NuGo Nutrition

NuGo Nutrition

NuGo Organic Dark Chocolate bars are vegan, organic, full of protein, low in sugar and they use real dark chocolate! They are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, before the gym or as an after dinner treat! I recently discovered NuGo bars on campus and I love them! They are the ultimate clean cheat!


NuGo Organic bars are so decadent and delicious, I felt as if I was eating a candy bar! I forgot I was treating my body right while snacking!


I first found NuGo bars while on campus, searching for a healthy snack in between classes and I immediately fell in love! I have always loved chocolate but Nugo does chocolate RIGHT! I constantly have a stash of #NuGoBars in my pantry for a clean cheat, a quick breakfast, a decadent dessert or before the gym!

FullSizeRender 2

 One of the sweet girls at the cafe in my university noticed my addiction to NuGo Bars so she ordered me a box! I am forever thankful for acts of kindness and NuGo’s dark chocolate!


NuGoBars are delicious and most importantly, beneficial to your body.


Options for more mouth-watering bars on their site include:

Low Glycemic High Protein Gluten-Free Organic Low Carb Vegan


Check out where to buy #NugoBars and more about their decadent and delicious dark chocolate, check out their website here!


Don’t forget to see what the buzz is all about with Dark Chocolate Food Labeling here if you’re as passionate about your chocolate as NuGo Nutrition is!


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