Blue Diamond Almonds

Almonds are one of my favorite snack and they just as nutritious as they are delicious! Blue Diamond Almonds are made in a variety of ways with an array of flavors: from fruit to coffee to bold flavors, oven roasted and more, Blue Diamond has an option for every palette!

Along with raw and flavored almonds, Blue Diamond also has Almond Breeze almond milk which is available in many tasty flavors as well as Nut Thin baked nut crackers! No matter what type you are looking for with your almond-packed snack, Blue Diamond has you covered!

Almonds in their natural state are loaded with minerals that help promote heart health, prevent weight gain and help in the fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Almonds also help lower “bad” cholesterol and they are high in vitamin E!

IMG_1598 6

I recently tried two amazing almond flavors from Blue Diamond: honey Dijon and honey roasted cinnamon. Both were packed with mouthwatering flavor and all of the healthy benefits that almonds bring! The honey Dijon is bold and a great snack for the afternoon or evening when you need a quick pick-me-up while the honey roasted cinnamon is sweet and subtle, great for adding to trail mix or topping off sorbet!

IMG_1380 7

I love almonds in the morning for all of their nutritional benefits to help me start my day off right. One of my favorite ways to enjoy almonds is with dried fruit for a healthy, homemade trail mix! Blue Diamond’s honey roasted cinnamon almonds flowed flavorfully with dried figs, pineapple, papaya and mango!

IMG_1409 6

For lunch, I crushed a handful of honey Dijon almonds and added them to my homemade tuna salad for a bold and delicious sandwich! Whether almonds are included in your main dish or a complimentary side to a savory sandwich, there is always room for Blue Diamond at the table!

 FullSizeRender 19

An after-dinner treat that is sure to please, the honey roasted cinnamon almonds paired perfectly with fresh mango or mango sorbet and fresh fruit for a heart-healthy dessert.

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Blue Diamond doesn’t forget its roots and even credits honey bees for their important impact on our environment. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the world’s food supply. Almonds are the only crop that are completely dependent on honey bees as they help in the production of the delicious almond we know and love.

For 39 years, Blue Diamond has helped in funding research for a vast number of projects with a focus on bees. Check out why Blue Diamond is buzzing about honey bees here!

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This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.


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