If you have a  sweet tooth like I do, the quest to find a sweet treat that doesn’t pack a ton of sugar or fake stuff in a difficult task…until now.

Rawxies are vegan, gluten free, raw, soy free, dairy free and non GMO!


Their four mouthwatering adorable cookie flavors include mint chocolate chip, banana nut bread, lemon poppyseed and mocha almond! Rawies also makes bold and delicious Rawxies Crunch in cheesy smoked paprika, cheesy chipotle curry and cheesy chili lime!

I love having Rawxies in my pantry because they are great for on-the-go, as well as a  decadent treat for any time of day! Whether you enjoy your Rawxies as a bold breakfast with a simple side fruit salad or sweet snack during the day, there is always time for a treat!


Rawxies are a great solo snack that satisfies or an amazing addition to any treat. Chill Rawxies in the fridge and have a cool combination on a hot day with a glass of almond milk or top coconut yogurt with a Rawxies cookie for a tasty and tempting pick me up!


With an amazing message and movement being their product, Rawxies are a great grocery grab when thinking healthy and delicious!



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