Rise Bar

From fresh, fruit-filled combinations to protein-packed power bars, Rise Bar is a great pre-gym snack, breakfast fuel or mid-morning treat! Full of only real ingredients, Rise Bar prides themselves on being natural with nothing artificial added.


Rise Bars have a delicious taste no matter which flavor you try! All use natural and healthy ingredients to benefit your busy body! With simple ingredients inside each bar, you feel good knowing what is in every bite.


Rise Bar has created Energy+ bars, Protein+ bars and even breakfast bars to fuel your fire! They are packed with flavorful fruit and nuts that will keep you energized!


With five or less simple ingredients to fuel workouts, Rise Bars come in a variety of fabulous flavors! Most Rise Bars are packed with fruit for a simple yet sweet taste in the morning while the Protein+ variety offers a more dense and protein-packed bar for a pick-me-up any time of day!


Rise Bar boasts delicious flavors such as Crunchy Carob Chip Protein+, with only four ingredients: almond, agave, carob powder and whey protein isolate!


Rise Bars are delicious on their own, added to a bowl of fruit and yogurt or combined with your favorite nut butter and frozen for a cool, sweet treat!



Rise Bars are not only chock full of healthy ingredients, they also taste amazing! Whether you have a sweet tooth or more tame tastebuds, Rise Bar has a large variety that will satisfy any situation!


Not only are Rise Bars a delicious treat packed with protein, Rise Bars are also non-GMO, gluten free, soy free and kosher to help balance any diet!


With all of the great flavors and variety that Rise Bar has to offer, you are sure to find a flavor that everyone will favor!


Check out Rise Bars here and see why real food is #ontherise!


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