Yes Bar 

With flavors like Macadamia Chocolate Chip and Mocha Cayenne, The YES Bar has created a deliciously sweet and simple snack that feels more like a cheat meal than a paleo treat!


One of the best ways to enjoy a YES Bar is alone, so you can make sure no one steals it from you! YES! They are that good! YES Bars are sweetened with maple syrup so that means there are no fake sugars, just pure maple syrup!


Another great way to enjoy an amazing YES Bar is paired with a big glass of chocolate almond milk for a late-night treat that is sure to please! Thankfully, YES Bars come individually wrapped so you do not mindlessly eat a whole sleeve!


The YES Bar is the cookie Santa wants left out on Christmas Eve to fuel him up as he delivers presents all night! I feel like a cheater when I enjoy a YES Bar for breakfast but I know I am doing my body so good! The YES Bar contain no soy, no dairy, no gluten, no corn and no GMO’s so they can be a balanced part of any diet!


YES Bars are perfect chilled too! Pop one into the fridge for a few hours and enjoy a chilled change of pace that will absolutely feel terrific on your tastebuds after the gym or on a hot summer night!


The YES Bar is a soft and chewy bite and is packed with dried fruit, nuts and chocolate! The Macadamia Chocolate Chip has dark chocolate chips swimming in a sea of sweet fruit and the Mocha Cayenne is sweet and savory with a bold kick but neither are anything short of perfection!


Whether you are calm, cool and collected or like to spice things up, you can say yes to The YES Bar for a sweet snack any time of day!


Don’t forget to check out The YES Bar to see why you should say YES!


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