Gluten Free Bar

When in need of a gluten free option, The Gluten Free Bar has six mouthwatering choices to choose from, carefully crafted to take the boring out of breakfast!


Not only are these tasty treats gluten free, they are vegan, soy free, dairy free and non-GMO! The Gluten Free Bar is the better for your body choice!

IMG_3360Packed with protein and available in tempting flavors like peanut butter, cranberry toasted almond, and chocolate peanut butter, you might even forget this healthy bar’s benefits!

IMG_3361The Gluten Free Bar is perfect before a workout, added on top of a cup of Greek Yogurt or sandwiched with almond butter for a snack! With The Gluten Free Bar’s versatility, the protein-packed possibilities are endless!

IMG_3362Not only does the Gluten Free Bar taste great, it is a great snack that will keep your hunger under control until your next meal.


Sweetened naturally with agave nectar, The Gluten Free Bar includes fresh and quality ingredients in each and every bar.

See what makes The Gluten Free Bar team believe in a better bar at!

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