Eat Pastry

The best part about cookies just got even better. Eat Pastry has created a vegan cookie dough which means it is safe to snack without worrying!

Available in seven fabulous flavors including chocolate chip, chocoholic chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin chocolate chip, Eat Pastry has even given its customers the choice of gluten free! The gluten-free choices are still chart-toppers with Eat Pastry’s classic touch on gluten-free chocolate chip, gluten-free snickerdoodle, and gluten-free sugar momma! Eat Pastry caters to its customers with its packed to-the-top containers available in the refrigerated section, you just might want to dive in before you’ve left the store!

FullSizeRender-8While Eat Pastry’s heavenly handiwork is great on a spoon, these vegan fan favorites can be baked to precise cookie perfection!
FullSizeRender 30

The creative crowd over at Eat Pastry has recently launched a line of vegan baking mixed as well which includes chocolate cake, buttermilk biscuit and muffin mix!

I love kicking back after a long day with a plate full of fresh-out-the oven Eat Pastry baked cookies and a full glass of almond milk and think about how thankful I am for dairy free and egg free cookie dough!

For your next event when you want to impress, grab Eat Pastry’s cookie dough and show up with a platter of perfect cookies for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their dietary need or preference!

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