Explosive. Inspiring. Magical. Brilliant. Marvelous.

All these words precisely portray Dynabites, made by the London-based company, Miss Nutritionist!

Made with four delicious and beneficial ingredients, Dynabites have a blissful flavor crafted into a trio of triumphant tastes, berry, chocolate and green tea, sure to please any palate!


This blissful blend of honey, coconut, almonds and protein powder by Miss Nutritionist is not one to be missed.


High in protein, these sweet snacks are a pillow to the palate. Light and airy, Dynabites are made for any moment when a pick-me-up is needed!


Whether you appreciate their excellence day, afternoon, or night, Dynabites will not disappoint! Miss Nutrionist makes snacking feel like a divine delight with their healthy and wholesome Dynabites!

Gluten free, dairy free, and all natural, Dynabites are a healthy explosion!

Find these delightful delicacies online and see why Dynabites have a flavor explosion like no other!

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