Two Moms in the Raw

The food term raw may sometimes have a negative connotation, but the lovely ladies at Two Moms in the Raw want to change all of that.


The term raw simply refers to food that has not been exposed to or cooked to temperatures over 118°F. This ensures that raw food, or living food’s consumption is beneficial to our bodies.


Two Moms in the Raw keeps their food in the raw state by rinsing, soaking, and germinating many of their live ingredients to maximize nutrition into the body!


What began in 2006 by a mother-and-daughter duo has spread to a well-respected company that is invested in crafting organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten free and vegan ingredients to make granola bars, sea crackers, nut bars, cereals and truffles.


Backed by the promise that their products are always organic, gluten free, raw, vegan, free of wheat, dairy, soy, and refined sugars, Two Moms in the Raw understands the complications of dietary needs in today’s shifting world.


Located in Boulder County, Colorado, Two Moms in the Raw have great snack selections for any time of day!

If Two Moms in the Raw is a twosome that is unfamiliar, allow me to dive deeper.


Packed into a perfectly picturesque bar, Two Moms in the Raw has made crunchy and fresh granola for on-the-go grabbing or secretly snacking solo! Seeds, nuts, fruit and a delicate blend of spices are all it takes to create a delicately sweet and delicious granola bar!


Nut Butter Truffles

Two Mom’s in the Raw nut butter truffles are a tiny but tasty treat made from almond butter, agave and cacao! Three simple ingredients are all that are used to make one of the best vegan, gluten free, raw desserts on the market! Enjoy the truffles chilled for a cool delight late at night!


Available in three mouthwatering flavors, cayenne cacao, green tea vanilla and cacao almond, Two Mom’s in the Raw packs their truffles in sets of three which means you have enough to share (but I would highly suggest you don’t)!

IMG_2884 2

Nut Bar

Two Moms in the Raw has also made the Nut Bar which is the artful marriage of nuts, fruit and spices, guaranteed to help fuel up before a busy day! Whether working out or simply to kick-start your day, Two Moms’ Nut Bars are a healthy and delicious alternative to sugary breakfast and snack options!

IMG_3222 2



Not to be sheltered on only the sweet side, Two Moms in the Raw offers crispy and crunchy crackers for a more savory snacking selection. Made with flaxseed, kelp and simple spices, these light and crunchy crackers can be enjoyed unaccompanied with their terrific taste!


Found online or in your favorite local store, Two Moms in the Raw allows options for anyone with dietary restrictions while also helping fuel and nourish the body!

Check out all of the great products this terrific team offers and find out what makes Two Moms in the Raw so magical!

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