Living an active lifestyle with dietary needs may have once seemed difficult, but with dedicated companies like Squarebar, worry-free is key!

 Created in the kitchen of husband and wife team, Sarah and Andrew, Squarebars were made to ensure Sarah’s diet remained free of processed sugars, soy, dairy, and gluten. Squarebars are now made in a devoted facility where gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugars are kept far away.

Not only is the amazing team at Squarebar creating amazing things, they are also helping fund them as well. Squarebar donates quarterly to Not For Sale, a nonprofit organization which helps fight modern day slavery.

With dietary restrictions becoming more prevalent, the need for delicious and healthy alternatives is vital. Squarebars are made for mouthwatering goodness, with organic, creamy chocolate and fresh, natural ingredients!

Tiny but mighty, these delicious organic protein bars are available in five guilt-free flavors including chocolate coated crunch, chocolate coated almond spice, chocolate coated cherry, chocolate coated mint and chocolate coated coconut!

Brilliant as breakfast or atop late-night nice cream, Squarebars pack the protein needed to get you through your day!

For a frosty treat, add your Squarebar to the fridge or freezer before enjoying!

What began as a couple’s quest for food free of gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugars, has now exploded into a thriving company that gives back quarterly to the nonprofit organization, Not For Sale.

With bars made for chocolate lovers, there is always time for a Squarebar when on the move!

(But be sure to enjoy your Squarebars in silence or everyone will try to get their paws on your Squarebar!)

FullSizeRender 58

With the holidays right around the corner, give your GF friends the gift of eating well with a variety pack of Sqaurebars or simply stuff stockings full of Squarebars for a clean cheat!

Check out Squarebars now and save 20% off your purchase with discount code: KateEatsClean


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