When dinner rolls around, I reach for one of my favorites: Banza!
The secret to this delicious pasta is that it is made simply from chickpeas!

Hearty and nutritious, Banza is gluten-free, vegan, and loaded with protein and fiber!

Banza Shrimp & Vegetables
1 cup Banza chickpea pasta
mix: broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and yellow squash
6-8 cooked, peeled small shrimp
2 tsp. coconut oil

Cook Banza pasta (and shrimp if needed).
Add coconut oil and vegetables to skillet.
Combine vegetables, shrimp and pasta.
Garnish with sea salt and pepper.


To make Banza, simply add the desired amount of uncooked pasta to boiling water. Stir occasionally and remove once cooked! I love that Banza stays al dente, since I like my pasta a little more on the firm side!

The perfect vehicle for vegetables, homemade sauces, fish and even vegan mac and cheese, Banza has a great taste and a two-year shelf life so it won’t age quickly!

  Kate Eats Clean’s Green Sauce is a great topping for Banza and vegetables and so easy to prepare in advance!

No matter what dietary restrictions or meal plan you follow, Banza chickpea pasta is a great addition and option for lunch, dinner and meal preparation!

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