Cocomel Cacao Buttons

Even though I have made the change to eat better for myself and my body, I do enjoy the occasional clean cheat.

Kate Eats Clean’s Cocomel Cacao Buttons are the perfect way to tame a sweet tooth and combat cravings but not feel guilty after!

Made with JJ Sweet’s Cocomels and Sunfood Superfoods cacao nibs, these delicate drops will have you head over heels!

Cocomel Cacao Buttons

1 oz cacao nibs (or cacao powder)
1 tsp raw honey
2 tsp coconut oil
5 unwrapped Cocomels

To start, add cacao nibs to food processor and pulse until fine.


Melt cacao nibs, raw honey and coconut oil while separately melting the Cocomels.
Layer cacao mixture, Cocomel, cacao mixture in a BPA-free mini tray.
Freeze until solid (2-3 hours).

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