Raw Raspberry Almond Tarts

 Even when summer’s sweet fruits are no longer in season, my raw raspberry almond tarts are an easy and healthy treat for any time of the year!

 Our farmer friend Joe is always so generous whenever we stop over and with so many plums this past summer, I decided to get creative!

To prep, first wash and dry plums and then thinly slice.

To create the base for the tarts, simply combine raw almonds, cinnamon and raw honey in a food processor.

I made sure to leave a little texture so the almonds would have a good crunch!

Pack the almond, honey and cinnamon mixture into a mini cupcake pan, brushed with coconut oil and place the thinly sliced plums on top.

In the food processor, combine elli Quark with fresh or frozen raspberries until smooth. Spoon on top of the sliced plums and almond base.

Freeze for two hours or until set. Tarts will pop right out of the pan and can be stored and frozen for meal preparation on the go!

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